Western Union Bug 2009 Version

What's Western Union Bug? And How does It Work?
WU Bug is a software that cracks western union databases and gives the DATA of WU information for payments made to any country in the world.

The Western Union Bug 2009 Version Comes with Two Types of Activation Code,The First 20 Digit Activation code Logs you into The first Panel whereby you do fresh Transfers While the Second 20 Digit Activation Code logs you into the Western Union Database.

The new feature in WU Bug now is that you are able to change the Receiver's Name to any Name you choose in same Country and you are also able to make new Transfers Using Our Hacked Virtual Credit and Debit Card which has Unlimited Financial Capabilities.

The cost of the Western Union Bug is $200 with activation code and with it you can be able to make $50,000 weekly if you are smart.